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Precision Slim™ is The Only 100% Effective Fat Loss Solution

    Precision Slim™ is the only guaranteed permanent solution that non-invasively removes your fat without surgery.

  • 100% RELIABLE

    Precision Slim™ is the go-to fat-removal solution for the world’s elite celebrities, executives, sports stars, and professionals who require the undetectable appearance of thicker fuller head of hair.


    Precision Slim™ is uniquely focused on solving stubborn fat deposits, eliminating hard fat, and restoring aging or loose skin to aesthetic perfection.

  • Zero Downtime

    You can return to work the same day as treatment.

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Fat Removal Comparison

  • Coolsculpting
  • Liposuction
Precision SlimCoolsculptingLiposuction
Results Appear Instant to 2 weeks AfterAfter 4 monthsAfter 3 months
Recovery Time NoneUp to 1 week average (bruising and swelling)4 weeks to several months
Cost $1750 to $3250 (5 - 10 sessions)$2,000-$4000 (1-2 sessions)$5,000 +
Pain Level Comfortable, can be relaxingPainful during procedureExtremely painful recovery
Scarring NoneNoneSmall incision scars usually fade over one year
Safety Extremely safeHas potential to disrupt nerve functionComplications of infection, nerve damage and possible death
Can people tell? Undetectable (even up close)Can create contouring irregularitiesIrregularities, loose skin, denting, fat comes back in other areas
Effective? Yes (for most candidates)Often, but depends on the candidate Effective at removing fat but can cause other cosmetic problems
Outcomes beyond fat removal? Skin tightening, smoothing, cellulite reduction NoneNone
Mode of action Cold and heat applied to create natural death of fat cellsVacuum, Suction and freezing of fat followed by massage to thawSuctioning of fat through cannula under general or local anasthesia

Solutions For All Body Types


    FACT: 85% of men experience unwanted fat gain due to age and hormone changes. What are you waiting for? Precision Slim™ offers a life-changing bespoke solution that solves your excess fat problem instantly and affordably.

    Each Precision Slim™ treatment reduces subcutaneous belly fat thickness significantly. Once the fat is eliminated, it never comes back.

    What are you waiting for? Lose the shirt and move beyond Dad Bod to the Alpha Squad™. Precision Slim™ delivers the only non-invasive fat removal solution that is instant, scarless, permanent, and painless.

    Already super fit but want to showcase your abs and arms? Receive a Definition treatment from our MasterSlimmers™ for a natural result making you look cut in the abdominal area.

    Have you lost a lot of weight from initiating and maintaining positive lifestyle changes only to have loose and sagging skin? Our MasterSlimmers™ can restore the laxity and tone to your skin.

    Invigorate your physical and social life, free of embarrassing unwanted fat. Our non-invasive, non-surgical solution is the only fat-loss solution that can target areas of the body down to 2 inches with instant results.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are Precision Slim™ Fat Removal Treatments?

Precision Slim™ is the most innovative and versatile fat destroying and anti-aging treatment on the market to eliminate localized fat, reduce cellulite, and tone and tighten the skin. It uses state-of-the-art thermography and cryotherapy (thermal shock) to reshape the body. Precision Slim™ treatments destroy fat cells and increase skin collagen production during each session due to a thermal shock response caused by hot & cold temperatures.

Precision Slim uses a multitude of cutting edge tools to remove fat from localized areas that have been stubborn and resistant to dieting and exercise. We begin with an assessment of your needs using 3D modeling to give you a complete visual picture of your body as well as measurements, location of fat deposits (including discerning between visceral vs. subcutaneous fat), and other significant pieces of information. We then use thermography plates to detect the type of fat and/or presence/type/stage of cellulite in order to tailor your treatments for your individualized needs.

Once we have your treatment plan we begin treatments to begin elimination of unwanted fat, eradication of cellulite and tightening of skin.

One of the crucial aspects that differentiates Precision Slim from other sculpting institutions is our emphasis on lymphatic drainage and stimulation, which is a key component of fat removal. We emphasize not only hydration and healthy lifestyle, but we offer you all of the cutting edge modalities in our office to stimulate your lymphatic system so that the fat that we destroy in treatments will be effectively removed from your body. These treatments are not only going to help your fat removal sessions to live up to their fullest potential, but they are also incredibly relaxing and beneficial to your overall well-being, health, and appearance, and are featured as stand-alone treatments in spas and biohacking business world-wide.

When will I see my final results?

You will see immediate results beginning with your very first treatment. Fat deposits will begin to die and leave your body in the first few days after treatment, but as the fat loss is gradual and several sessions are required for true results, most clients will not appreciate their results until about 5 sessions (10 weeks) of treatments. Just as you do not notice a child growing, it is difficult for the eye to adjust to changes and notice the differences in ourselves even when several inches have been lost. Often loved ones will notice the changes in you before you do! That is why we take your 3D model before your first treatment and again 2 weeks after your 5th session. We also take photos at every session. At the end of your full treatment when we compare before and afters, that is when most clients have a full appreciation for the difference that can be seen. You can also expect for your clothes to fit more loosely after just a few sessions.

Depending on the amount of fat that a client needs to lose to get to their desired shape, a personalized program can include between one and three rounds of treatments (each treatment is 5 sessions).

Are treatments painful?

Definitely not. For people who are highly adverse to the cold, it might feel chilly in the room and quite cold on the treated area, and we can give you a blanket for the untreated areas. Most people tolerate it very well, and it is not uncommon for clients to fall asleep and snore during the treatment, and many clients find it very relaxing. Once the entire treatment is finished you may have a lingering pinkness due to the extra circulation brought to your skin (a good thing- think collagen stimulation!), that will quickly subside.

The only other side effects can be a soreness in your muscle similar to having done many crunches in the gym (due to involuntary flexing of muscles during the treatment), and extra urination for several days following each treatment as a result of shedding the fat cells through your urine. This does rely on keeping up a steady supply of water drinking, so please don’t forget to drink lots of water to assist in the fat removal process!

Will this damage skin or cause side effects?

Precision Slim™ treatments are completely safe, natural, pain-free and do not cause trauma to any part of your body. The most common side effect is redness after the treatment, which will disappear within a few hours. None of our clients have ever had an allergic reaction or other adverse effect. In fact, one of the best things about Precision Slim is that our treatments not only remove fat, but stimulate your skin to create collagen and become firmer, tighter, and more youthful as the treatments progress.

How long will my Precision Slim™ treatment last?

Precision Slim™ is considered a permanent solution with prominent effects. Once you destroy and remove fat cells they can never return, as people do not create new fat cells past adolescence. If you do experience natural weight gain over time, it is possible for fat to grow in the area that we treated because there will still be fat cells remaining in the area after your sessions have finished. In such cases, the fat can quickly and easily be removed with a maintenance touch-up session or two.

Cellulite and skin tightening services do require maintenance to keep the results, and we recommend a monthly session using our maintenance program.

Can I stop using waist cinchers after my treatment?

Yes you can! You will have the freedom to engage in physical and social activities with greater confidence. Our Master Slimmers are also experts in body contouring which means that they will personalize your treatments to help you unlock your body’s fullest potential. One of our favorite things to do is to help clients sculpt their hourglass shape! Waist cinchers and corsets can cause internal damage to your organs and digestive system- wouldn’t you rather have your own hourglass shape unlocked with our natural and permanent treatments?

How much does Precision Slim™ cost?

During your Free Consultation, our team will evaluate your case and provide a personalized price quote based on your individual needs. Price is dependent upon the type of treatment you will be doing, the area of your body to treat, the size of the area, and the severity of the case. Most clients will need a minimum of four to 6 sessions to complete a treatment. In general, treatment pricing for 5 sessions is in the range of $1250 and $2250, inclusive of all imaging and after enhancement treatments.

How long is a typical Precision Slim™ treatment?

Treatments take between 30 and 50 minutes. After your treatment you will be treated to an enhancement service that will supercharge your session and jump start your lymphatic system, which is one of the key factors in getting great results. Most patients report that treatments seem much shorter than they actually take, and feel pampered from beginning to end.

How soon after my Precision Slim™ treatment can I return to work?

There is absolutely no down time after treatments. Treatments will not cause any bruising, swelling or markings of any kind. In fact, you can go straight to the pool in a bikini and no-one will be any the wiser.

Is there a difference between Precision Slim™ and Coolsculpt?

Absolutely, they are completely different in most regards. Coolsculpting uses a vacuum to suction up areas of fat which are then frozen solid, and later thawed out with massage. Clients often report the process to be extremely painful and are generally left with bruising and swelling for around a week. There can be nerve damage and contouring challenges down the line of treatment as well. In contrast, Precision Slim™ treatments are performed by expert MasterSlimmers™ who are with you for the whole treatment and use their expertise to contour your body for every minute of your treatment. There is no downtime and no signs of having a treatment done, but most importantly, clients are comfortable and do not experience any kind of pain.

In fact, our clients feel so relaxed and comfortable that sometimes they fall asleep and end up snoring through their treatment. Our practitioners are trained in aesthetic enhancements and will work with you to determine the best places on your body to remove unwanted fat. As your treatments progress, you will create a relationship with our MasterSlimmers and assessments will be made at the start of each session to make sure that we are always sculpting you in the way that makes you happiest.

The Precision Slim process uses the cryo t-shock to create a three phase thermal shock to coax fat cells into a natural cycle called Apoptosis, or self-induced cell death. By applying a warm, cold and warm cycle, it is not necessary to “freeze” fat cells to destroy them; a more modern and gentle approach, Precision Slim utilizes the fat cell’s intolerance to heat changes so that they naturally create their cell death. From there, your lymphatic system will clear the fat cells out of your body and you can then continue to remove unwanted fat cells in your next session two weeks later.

Another important difference is that Precision Slim’s process is the only fat removal therapy that will actually improve the elasticity and tone of your skin. With our process your skin will become tighter, more elastic and more youthful with each treatment as the heightened levels of oxygenated blood and increased circulation will induce collagen growth as well.

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Aesthetician and Artist

All the most advanced tools in the world are no substitute for human touch. No tool, no matter how advanced, will ever be a substitute for the human touch our MasterSlimmers™ deliver. Precision Slim’s MasterSlimmers™ are the heart of our process. When you meet them, you’ll instantly be struck by their professionalism, their expertise and their commitment to your results. Our MasterSlimmers™ are your partners and Precision Slim’s partners in getting the outcome you’ve been hoping for.

Before our MasterSlimmers™ set foot in Precision Slim™ they must demonstrate superiority in their attention to level of detail and cognitive ability in advance. Hundreds apply to be on our team and less than 10% of applicants are ever interviewed. From those, only a small percentage of interviewees who’ve already had previous experience as aestheticians make it to our training process.

We only hire people who share our passion about elevating the upper limits of what’s possible with non-surgical body contouring. The only people adequate to work on our clients are those who don’t see the status quo as the finish line, no matter how great it is. We recognize there is always the opportunity for improvement.

The Precision Slim™ VIP Concierge Service

Precision Slim™ is pleased to accommodate the needs of our high-profile clients who deserve absolute discretion and luxury.

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Our concierge service can offer:
  • Private Entrance & Exit

    VIP clients can briskly enter and exit our clinic unseen through a discreet alternative access point.

  • Private Air Transportation

    Precision Slim™ has partnered with STA JETS to offer jet charter services to and from anywhere in the world.

  • Ground Transportation

    We can arrange limo service to and from our clinic on the day of your procedure or consultation.

  • Bespoke Scheduling

    Off-hour consultations and procedures can be booked outside the scope of our normal business schedule.

  • Luxury Accommodations

    MONTAGE Laguna Beach is our preferred hotel partner and we can arrange the perfect stay for you there or in a private residence nearby.

  • Additional Services

    We are happy to assist with travel arrangements and local recommendations for our out-of-town clients. Please let us know if you require any other special assistance and we will be happy to do our best to help you.

testimonial profile

David L.


"I had been seriously considering hair transplant surgery and came across Precision Slim™ and booked a consultation and had my first treatment the very next day. It’s truly a life changer for me and the best investment I’ve ever made."

testimonial profile

Jonathan D.


“I've always been a very athletic person. Worked out my entire life. I'm seeing results with Precision Slim that I've never seen from exercise alone.

Before PS, I would say I still had a very fit midsection but after my treatments I have a much more defined and toned midsection.

Improvements far greater than I would've expected. Precision Slim is a no-brainer to add to your current fitness and exercise regimen.

I was doing exercise before but I haven't had results from exercise similar to the results I've had with my MasterSlimmer."

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Andrew AOhio


“It did exactly what they said it would do. It targets the whole midsection. It's pretty shocking."


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